(Dinner Party, choreography by Malaika Sarco)

Spring Dance 2002

Hollins Repertory Dance Company

(April 2002)

Stage Manager, Assistant to Lighting Designer Junko Yamada

Spring Dance 2002 featured over 40 works choreographed by the students of Hollins University Dance department. Each of the four performances featured different pieces from genres varying from classical jazz to performance art.

This is Not a Piece, choreography by Nancy Forshaw-Clapp, music from The Fellowship of the Ring

Intermission Piece, choreography by Jillian Dahl Pena

Premature Release

Premature Release, music and choreography by Vanessa Fassie

Mirror Phase

Mirror Phase, choreography by Vanessa Fassie

Lighting Design
Assistant Lighting Design
Design Course Projects
Lighting Assistant


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