Richard Greenberg's

Three Days of Rain

Huddleberg Productions

Warren Performing Arts Center Studio Theatre (July 2005)

Lighting Designer

Ned sketching, top of Act II

Three Days of Rain is set in 1995 New York, where a brother, his sister, and their childhood friend meet to settle their parents' estate. The two fathers were long-time friends and partners in architecture; their legacy is the brillant creation of the 1960's Janeway House. In this terse in brittle reunion, much more is at stake than who gets the house. Brtother and sister discover their father's balnd, sparse diary, and use it to create a story for themselves that will explain the present and make sense of their past. In the second act, the same three actors play their own parents, revealing the details of the vaguely-described events in the diary.

"My brother returned. My mother returned. Nobody said anything, and it was over" --Nan, describing a typical tragic event in their family (Act I).

Lighting Design: Cathy Bowren

Director: Tyler Smith

"No ... It has elements in common with Farnsworth House"

"Many el-elements. All of them." -- The quashing of Theo's big idea (Act II)

"Goddamn you, Walker, now we'll never know anything!" -- The burning of the journal at the end of Act I


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